An energy pull is pretty straightforward – no mystical stuff, just using your own energy field to interact with someone elses. This is a common training tool in energy work and energetic healing.

If you are new to the concept of bio-energy you should start by just getting a feel for it. Stand comfortably in a relaxed posture with your hands in front of you, palms facing each other. Your body is relaxed. Visualize a current of energy running in a circuit through your upper body and arms from one palm into the other. Men circulate energy from right to left, women from left to right. Experiment with bringing your hands closer together and then farther apart as if you are holding something compressible, like a balloon. You may feel heat, tingling or slight pressure on the palms. This is your bio-energy field. Again, there’s nothing mysterious here. Any time there is energy, there is a corresponding field. Just like electricity through a wire – this is just physics.

To do the energy pull you need a willing partner. This is a learning tool – it will not work if your partner resists (this was noted in one of the earlier responses). Your partner needs to be neutral – standing like a reed in the wind. This is a very gentle [censord] out of the mud with this.

Stand behind you partner so they do not see your movements. Step [censord] into your opposite palm. Your energy is looping around you partner like a rope. When you [censord], as if to stretch the energy rope around your partner. Do not use any sudden or quick movements. You partner should move back a bit. This takes some sensitivity and practice, but most anyone can do this.

This can work as a pull or a push, just depends on what your intent is and how you form your own energy to interact with your partner.

Just to reiterate. This is just physics – nothing mystical. Lots of research available on energy and healing – look into James Oschman’s books on current research into energy medicine if you want some references.