Exactly! JKD was initially supposed to guide one toward free and alive forms of self-expression, with general guidelines which were put in place to keep practitioners from becoming rigid, or, limited. Obviously that isn't what has happened with regard to OJKD.

A few dim-witted Bruce Lee "groupies" got a hold of it and decided that it wasn't about self-expression at all.

They wanted JKD to be about how you expressed Bruce Lee's expression. Thus in the process of deciding this, they turned it into just another "style".

IMO, this is really no different than any other truth. Looking back over the history of humanity, we see examples of where early creative thinkers (Buddha, Jesus and others) discovered certain truths that were then often corrupted, distorted and misinterpreted by the masses. Only a small minority seemed to truly grasp the essential message. JKD is really no different in that regard.

Well, Buddha wasn't Buddhist and Christ wasn't a Christian. They had merely discovered the truth and tried to tell others and "point the way". Lee said that, he was only a "finger pointing to the moon".

Which means, look to the MOON and not the frickin FINGER! Amazing how such simplicity can be lost on those so desperate for external forms of salvation (in this case, relying on a fixed "style" instead of individual self-expression). What is glaringly obvious is that Lee’s OJKD followers have merely focused on the finger.

Such is life.