No Chris, I would agree with you that the JKDC crowd have largely missed the boat as well. The one thing that THEY seemed to have forgotten about was the concept of simplicity and daily decrease. Instead, they have taken the "buffet" approach (take a little of this, a little of that, some that over there, etc). That also flies in the face of quintessential jkd.

Regarding Inosanto's passing: I think it will be much like it is now; a small core of people who actually get it and a thundering herd of those who don't.

Is it human nature to turn things into fixed forms? I think so. Lee thought so as well saying:


In the long history of martial arts, the instinct to follow and imitate seems to be inherent in most martial artists, instructors and students alike. This is partly due to human tendency and partly because of the steep traditions behind multiple patterns of styles. Consequently, to find a refreshing, original, master teacher is a rarity. The need for a "pointer of the way" echoes.



When you get down to it, real combat is not fixed and is very much "alive." The fancy mess (a form of paralysis) solidifies and conditions what was once fluid, and when you look at it realistically, it is nothing but a blind devotion to the systematic uselessness of practicing routines or stunts that lead to nowhere.

Essentially, Lee felt that people had more confidence and faith in "systems" and styles than in themselves, thus the tendency to clinch to fixed forms, etc. I have experienced this myself with people who came to me wanting to learn Vunak's "RAT" system. It's really interesting.

Now I'm not saying it isn't worth learning the RAT or anything else, but just to do so and leave it at that is to cling to a very rigid form.

I have taught guys that and then led them into boxing - which they did begrudgingly. Though they were terrified by the thought of being hit (yet they want to be fighters).

They wanted a system that would essentially 'save them', instead of developing "alive" skill that would enable them to 'save themselves'...if that makes any sense. This very notion is at the heart of all "fixed" styles (particularly regarding OJKD here).

Why fix JKD to a rigid form (of only what Lee was doing at specific times) and yet by this very act, eradicate from JKD, Lee's very pioneering spirit?! It makes no sense.