But, the Foundation is solidifying it into "ONE" way and thus also a "fixed" limitation. This flies in the face of what JKD essentially IS; alive, simple, direct and in particular, 'non-classical'.

I agree. It's actually interesting (but sad) to see it happen.

But, to be balanced, lately some (by no means all) of the JKDC camp appears to be doing the same thing (to a lesser extent). The silat is an example with the djurus, and some places have a real lack of pressure testing. Again, by no means all as JKDC covers a really a pretty broad spectrum.

I'm not make a veiled reference to Dan Inosanto here. He seems to be doing his own thing. More I'm talking about his 'followers/devotees' (as different from his students). It makes me wonder what will happen once Inosanto passes, will these folks starting making static 'Inosanto Martial Arts'?

This all makes me wonder why it seems that so many, from both sides, are interested in turning it into a fixed form? Is it human nature?

"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."