You know, one of the primary reasons he closed them down was because he essentially saw that people were trying to become carbon copies of HIM. Yet here was a man telling everyone, "your truth is not MY truth".

People are basically just clueless morons about this. The truth stares them in the face. But when martial arts becomes a theoretical process and is taken away from the "what is", you end up with garbage like this and people trying to make JKD into a "museum piece".

The reality of JKD is hidden in plain view. Lee didn't like "fixed forms" and spoke about it all the time. Yet we now have a group trying to trying to make JKD just that.

It right in front of them:


"Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation".

But, the Foundation is solidifying it into "ONE" way and thus also a "fixed" limitation. This flies in the face of what JKD essentially IS; alive, simple, direct and in particular, 'non-classical'.