What bothers me is Tom's attempt to belittle and reduce Inosanto's role in JKD, for cheifly (I believe) monatary gain.

Wow. What little respect for Tom I had from reading her book (which I admit I skimmed alot of) I totally just lost, because she's yet another egotistical MAist publicly victimizing an old man - one I've had the good fortune to train under once, too

As for the JFJKD kick link - I think (but don't exactly know) that the particular sidekick made so popular by Lee is a modified WC sidekick. The chambering, leaning back and hip motion came from who-knows-where, but the heel thrust and footwork are exactly like the WC version when it's used with footwork or when closing the distance. You can even cross-step to cover more ground (sure you all know that).

So, do I have it straight - OJKD are all those people who train to move and execute techniques done by Lee, and look as MUCH LIKE HIM as possible while doing it, and JKDC people are like Vunak or Inosanto and are always looking for ways to push the philosophy in new directions?