Pretty much everyone in JKD right now is likely aware of the ongoing feud between the OJKD folks, and JKDC group. Terri Tom's recent book is a good example of the OJKD peoples argument: namely that Bruce intended JKD to be made up of three arts, those being:

1. Western boxing
2. Fencing
3. Wing Chun

Despite the obvious questions such as where the hell the kicks came from, and the grappling that they admit Lee had worked into the curriculum towards the end of his life, I think of greater interest, to me at least, is did or did Lee not, intend for JKD to be a constant work in progress? Did he intend on creating a static system, in which, as the OJKD people claim, one's own 'attitude' was what was meant by making JKD your own? Or was it more like Inosanto suggests, where one learns Jun Fan (the core technques that Bruce Lee worked out), but then experiments with it and alters it (sometimes dramatically) in order to make it your own?

Important in this is the concept of the Classical Mess that Lee discusses very often in the Tao of JKD. Am I wrong to think that by claiming that JKD was only ever boxing, fencing and wing chun, that that makes static a thing that was supposed to always change with the times?

"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."