This is my first post on these forums.
Just this past saturday, my dojo held a Sai clinic... basically a 3h intro to the weapon, lots of kihon to get comfortable with the sai topped off with a kata at the end. In preparation for the clinic one of our sensei took the measurements of all those interested and batch ordered the sais.
After the clinic, and because I haven't had a chance to buy a proper bag yet, i put the sais into my duffel along with my gi and other gear. Later I noticed that near the handle, at the swell where the two side prongs branch from the main one there was some discoloration on each sai. something between a copper and salmon color that also speckled between the prongs and a bit along the center prong.
My question is, is this discoloration normal (it's right around where I grip them), or a sign that the chrome is wearing off/defective? If the former, is there some way to clean it off and keep the sai in good shape, or is it one of those things that's normal for the weapon? Thanks a ton,

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