OW! That pain...was that my head hurting?
or, was it the almighty zen stick hurting my head?

AHHH, now the meds are kickin, boy I'm Hungry...That Pain was mind hurting trying to digest that Koan food, the pickles smelled kinda funky.

I Ignored Oracular advise about moving to go back to school, hexagram advised the time to lead was approaching and any move, I be da foo....

year later I be da Foo and now so hard to find job...but worse...if my query concerns how best to behave for the common good and what will happen in the next month....and The Book hits the hexagram decline and the changing line reminds me that it is nature that even the spirit must die to be reborn...welll, my Asthma was worse before the Book and ..YIKEs..the second hexagram reminds of decline and suggests just enjoy your MOMENT....were the past confirmations coincidence...syncronicity...OR should I NOT BUY any GREEN BANANNAS!!!

-Karl. OW!...ok I'll eat.
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