thanks for cool push vids xinbagtai, I am not trying to get hopes up on potential job further south here in FL, BUT you got me excited. I'd be able to start going back (prob only weekends, still a hike to Miami) and working w/ Master Wei Lun Huang again. I'm mistaken so much this is prob a miapprehension, but by your nom de plume, Seems the Kickin Lineage Chinese born Masters all bundled (or as they are complementary in a yin/yang, wu wei..hahah..) Hising-I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi w/ Chi Kung.
I Initially was only interested in Ba Gua as I have been using open hand tech for years sparring as well as...well, I will be cursed by others soon...palm and wrist striking makiwara and 4-5 2-3 level bag combos.
After only several (I'm slow, blunt skull trauma called "Face Block" and I AM good at it, uhhuuhh) seminars w/ Master Huang I wanted more Chi Kung....until (2.5) fateful moments. Master Huang would more teach what he called "the 6 powers of Tai Chi" (ward off, splitting...sound familiar? or similar?) and as I was the only intrepid soul from our Shotokan dojo or the MMA mat takers,uh, renters and he had already taught me to follow directions and not mess w/ his other students during push hands (popped me so fast never saw him move, something "saw" as I had sprung back 5-6 ft, thankfully...or , nevermind)
well guess I showed gobs of humility and contrition...next I'm Human Test Dummy...THATS when I figured out why I like Palm strikes, because if I can (and I'm good at this) get behind for just a moment the experience of His Push (flew, smack, backroll, on mat no effort and i'm 15-20 ft away)
The palm allows a user to choose, push and prob no hurt, or as in Ba Gua a "shocking" strike and prob hurt.
It's a blast gettin behind one of our higher ranks from out of town who doesn't know me...if there is a safe lane open when I have my moment I just push...heres the fun part...as they are stumbling cross the floor trying to get balanced and not fall...quietly run w/ them, as close as possible they get balanced and turn to see your smiling face in theirs, freaks em out. After that some do get wise, but stick to their back, hands on shoulders no spin elbow or backfist, just another push.

I also practice the push (yeah two palms) starting at bilat kidney level in case I ever need to strike, but as you are pushing them very few people have ever commented as to "were you just then able to hurt both kidneys", I leave em oblivious.

Or was that too much of the Ghost of My Late Vietnamese hardstyle and 1st longest instructor channeling out my desire to be nice and flip it to crush?(and no joke bout the ghost thing, I was a live in and Did CPR , felt like His breath was going in deeper than my lungs...prob just nothing, wasnt my first field CPR...but its weird)
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