I have some affordable suggestions for home security and I'd like to hear more.

I think security is a bigger issue these days. I read about break-ins and robberies daily around here.

1. Get a security sign. A sign will be a deterrant to thieves even if you don't have the security system. Why would they take the chance?

2. Be modest. Don't brag to everyone around town about all the 'stuff' you have. People talk and criminals take note.

3. Get a dog. It doesn't have to be a big attack dog,but that doesn't hurt.A barking dog will alert you,or your neighbors, to the danger.

4. Have a spare cell phone. Make sure it is charged and where you can get to it in an emergency. Practice what you will say. In an emergency you will probably forget where you live, so write down a script and keep it by the phone.

5. Start a neighborhood watch program. Nosey neighbors come in handy!!

6. Keep all your windows and doors locked, even during daylight hours.

7. Door/ window alarms and jams are pretty cheap, replacing that new plasma TV is not!

8. Have a 'safe' room. Make sure the door is lockable,solid, and has at least three hinges. Practice getting everyone into this room in an emergency.

I'm sure there is more and imo you can never be too prepared. I feel it is my duty to keep my family safe and I hope you do to!

Any additions or comments are welcome!

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