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if one has not heard of or read about Zen Buddhism....I'd like to introduce a Dead Soto Zen Master ('cause he can't hit me where He's at...Uhhh, I hope, please ) Then pose a question, OK?

*Taisen Deshimaru-Roshi kicked it in 1982; but, by far accomplished the cool feat of using language to clarify abstract Oriental thought for us barbarians:) and cooler still (Even Colder than my ex-g'friend waiting for me to move OUT now even tho we live on the night side of mercury and iz got no coat...this next is that COOL)

**Deshimaru-Roshi was born of an old Samurai Family and so trained..Then after years of just sitting (I know, more to it; yet, no more to it.) Received the Transmission of Mind to Mind as "The Great Master" Kodo Sawaki went for the Dirt Nap mid 1960's.

***SO...Born a Samurai; and, so trained... Taisen (WE are on a first name basis)the Rebel Turns Zen Master Training with the Great Zen Master Kodo Sawaki casting the Voodoo of words to help us round-eyes better understand what is freely admitted to be BEYOND WORDs

Q: Deshimaru-Roshi says "...aspiring to absolute strength, absolute wisdom. But by what means is it possible to become both strong and wise?

NO SPOILERS plz, if you own "The Zen Way To The Martial Arts" by Taisen Deshimaru, He presents an answer, lets see if this goes anywhere...if some read this and reply, maybe next try Taisen's comments on PRESSURE POINTS, or Ki or whatever..

Everyone has their own belief and/or value system and generally belief/values can be so vital for an individual that other ways of thinking/perceiving/or simply by what name worships God (Any Higher whatever, it's used to be all inclusive). As MA, Ki/Chi, meditation, etc. need not challenge anything

I collect books and re-read the Eastern Thought section (MA books w/ pages of diagrams are there if they are exceptional, e.g.- Ready to drool...1973-74 vol 1 & 2, 1st ed. printed in Japan "Sword*Stick*Body Arts" by the then 8th dan Aikido Master Morihiro Saito

-Karl. Peace.
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