thought I'd post sometin different.

Anyone experience thoughtlessness? It cant be described nor related only experienced.

This state also is akin to having the brains 'gatekeepers', Thalamus, hippocmpus and amygadla, disabled so that an overload of typically filtered errata of sensory input is allowed as to shutdown or 'overload' the frontal cortex as to render one incapable of "normal daily" thought processes. (WORDS)(What does a baby experience before WORDS)

The achievement of such a state is intended to be temporary otherwise...well this society would rightly "commit" an individual permanently in this state for their own safety.

Just trying to post something others may not be aware of, one may have epiphany to such a degree but still must live a bodily life.

It's when the trap of desire for extended periods in this state where some go awry. Animals and the dain bramaged live in the moment but still have some grounding in LIFE, any comments on this aspect of Experience....or did I just make a dead end post to replace the "why are we alive" post?

-Karl. Peace.

Have you experienced "thoughtlessness"?

If so I'd like to see the brain scan of you at that moment to prove that your thalamus, hippocmpus and amygadla were inactive.

I'll be waiting in thoughtfullness.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.