I like my Koubaton. Since it is on the key ring, it is ideal for women as it means it will be in the hand, and not in the pocketbook when needed. When I am out on the local walking trail, I keep my cell phone, the koubaton, a 3-in. benchmade in the right pocket and a butterfly in the left. Although the butterfly knife is a very slow weapon to make ready to use, it does have the advantage of being completely ambidextrous and my benchmade is definitely right handed. Since I have one, I carry it in the left pocket. Anyway, a weapon in the pocketbook is useless. A weapon too large to carry in a woman's smaller pockets is useless. Being downwind from your attacker makes any aerosol weapon difficult. I haven't tried or carried a gas type weapon in a long time. A used to have 22 caliber tear gas "bullets" that went into a starter pistol. That too was not a good weapon to carry because of the size and slowness of getting it ready. Being downwind of that was a definite problem. It did not spray out very far. Anyway, that is kind of off topic isn't it, and would probably better go in self defense.

I like the koubaton for pressure point attacks. it gets the tendons with rubs and vibrating rubs well. It attacks deep points well like the spindle cells of large muscles and the points in between muscles. It is naughty rubbing points that get attacked into bones. It is totally awesome for wrist grab releases. Then of course it is good for such obvious vital points as the eyes or the temple.

I don't worry too much about being stripped of my weapon. If I need to show a weapon, it is because someone was going to kill me anyway.
The older I get, the better I was!