In general for women (no offense-they are typically not aggressive enough or trained enough for a weapon) I typically have them get two (there are now cartridge refillable types) of the OC/Mace/UV stain sprays as selfdefense, and RUN.

The kubotan, as any weapon, can be easily taken from a non aggressive, untrained person (or even aggressive and trained) and used against them. The OC/mace/UV stain as indicator spray best bet for untrained women (and men). One cannister is for practice to see the distance and spread, and a blast in the wind so they know what they have.

Just MHO -Karl. peace.
I asked bout the kubaton cause there are deep muscle protected nerves it can reach, as well as joint locking.

as to instructional vid or text??I dont know, I assume Fumio Demuria must have made one sometime and lots of MA or handgunner mags might have a video. Most of the locks are finger and wrist and so an aid in Chin Na for those easy but hard places
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