Referring to your last paragraph, I have only seen this from a distance since I am not an LEO. Interesting. I thought the knee was in the neck with the other side of the neck sealed by the person's shoulder. I thought it was a choke! I myself use it as a choke as a control maneuver after a take-down in training. Now I think I'll take it to the mat with TW 17 instead as a control. For real use, it is better unless you really need to choke someone. It is often better to get pain compliance with the option to break something than to be trying to control with a choke. A choke is nothing unless you actually choke someone.

I use kubaton. I mix and match what I use and what I steal from for techniques. It resembles the punjo end of an escrima or knife or bo so techniques I use with those weapons, are easily adapted and often better with the kubaton. Of course I hit with it. I also have some tuite that are painfully enhanced with the kubaton digging into pressure points between bones of the wrist on the S.I. meridian and things like that. Are you aware of any books or DVD on kubaton techniques? I really like it as a weapon for women to carry. I tell women that if you can't carry a kubaton on your key ring, consider a screw driver or similar legal object.
The older I get, the better I was!