Yeah dont know point # but Master Wei Lun Huang called the two shoulder cavities you seem to be describing as "Bubbling Well" and the officers I trained w/ in unarmed PP control tactics used a "scapular slap" to these points, tho it was more a palm heel or palm corner chopping motion to stun (only a few seconds), My friend say it is not as popularly taught these days due to the precision and force needed to be effective.

I dont know how you or others are being taught to strike the brachial plexus, the LEO taught a full forearm strike to side of neck, this has been removed from GPD Instruction as a significant (10% fatality over the nation, thats not too much and usally involved an Asp or Kubotan) reports of fatality to the perp were documented over time.

Have you ever trained PP w/ Kubotan??? legal for civilian carry in open and as a typical keychain holder has many other uses? if not, basics are easy and it can be used for Locking and compliance techniques.

PS ref to the jawbreaker, ever notice where LEO place their knee on the downed perps face when attempting to achieve compliance to cuffing??? Right on the Hinge of the mandible, using the ground as pressure to the opposite hinge, this is a submission using the same opposing forces as the jaw breaker...dont lean tooo hard to start

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