PP control fans...this may not be new...

Many good PP to be had in the bodies 'Cavities', while striking or "jabbing" these are dangerous and to be avoided (even bad to attempt practice) some can be practiced...finger strength applied w/ body weight and a goal is important for this one.

The cavity formed between the clavicle (collarbone), the large strernoclidomastoid muscle of the neck and the trapezius muscle to the rear form a smallish cavity.

using both hands (or one), make a strong hook shape with the index and middle fingers, elbows point to ground. Sink these 'hooks' just behind the clavicle and simultaneously press downward (with whole body) as though to seek the lungs (quick and powerful) and using not the arms (elbows still point to ground) but the movement of the entire body weight, drop slightly down (body stays erect) and fully back one to two large steps with the intention of the pain from the PP in the clavicles to help off balance opponent...as opponent is lowered and brought forward, throw face first to ground with your finger 'hooks' and release stepping aside so a rear attack can be initiated.

try w/ one hand and a tenkan (circular) dragging motion.

the initial sinking of the fingers is vital, fast, deep and into body, not wrapping fingers around collar bone...sinking into the rather deep seated nerve plexus with a sinking of the hara not arm strength.

in crisis driving a pen or pencil here deeply will do BAD things....but it is a crisis.

if this is old hat tell me and skip this post for a better one

-Karl. Peace.
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