finally got brief internet access...will be on in future...no hear in two weeks all my planning fell through...

Anterior Tibial nerve (very open at flexion point of foot and anterior aspect ankle between the medial and lateral malloeoli)...I was to kick this point (best if closed w/ opponent but a good lucky shot ) with the edge of boot either instep or outer part. will drop a person as well as striking the common pernial (Sp?), ie kicking side of thigh.

Also lends itself to a strike with any tool of expediency resembling baton...chair leg, that ol rolled magazine, grab a stick (and hope its not too rotton )

It can be very unexpected and hard to block Using the instep side of boot sorta resembles Wing Tsun Kick, and ...I've foot swept people using my hand, if that has worked then a kick there is as well unexpected.


-Karl. Peace. see ya soon...Just when everyone was breathing a sigh of "no more weird posts from that dude"
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