Yup underdog,
a good set o big knuckles or the auto fore-knuckle really help.
I use an Aikido concept, or rather understanding of reflexive human nature to open the armpit...

Lots of 'Breath' throws and so many i've seen fail cause they dont apply what Oshima Sensei called the basketball effect, just reversed due to armpit looking at ground.

In the throw, the arm is barred and head pinned to ones shoulder/chest (and YES shove that thumb behind the jaw while directing uke head to ground...woah, let go and reflexively head and body POP UP) now one can complete the throw (and YES shove index and middle finger under, up and in base of midJaw as they arise and direct uke (with some pain compliance) to more rapidly continue popping up....oh off balance ( a good shove and ...oohhh feet off floor, drop)

Palm the opponents face and direct to their rear and down, they dont like it and most often BOTH hands reflexively open armpit by trying to get your hand off their face, too bad that hand wasnt the one to worry about, ram a phoenix eye fist index knuckle in that pit and hold your ears....
as a beneficial aside, please folks I AM NOT SUGGESTING this next as to be used in ordinary American life, but things can change and you might be defending home soil...Lo and behold the Evil empire scout rounds a bend, palm that face back and drive your knife just above larynx almost to base of tongue and drive it home to what used to be the evil ones brain stem...silent and kinda bloodless...I Hear.

-Karl. Peace.
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