Cool, thanks underdog,
i thought there was a good spot there (caught a bokken w/ my world famous face/skull block once and it dropped me)

You the acu guru...

I had momentarily diverged from common object use for PP control just to mention the confluence of thin skin and high vascular nature of the area lending itself to a semi-edge (phone book spine say) longer reach object and ease of laceration to induce "blood blinding" as moment to run or grab something else.

Been getting ok w/ 9 section chain whip past yr (incumbent pain as well), now I notice chain whip in lots of objects, belt buckle will be recognized by observant Jet Li fans as he uses his belt as chain whip to lacerate and momentarily "blood blind" the huge Billy Chow, belt w/ both hands similar to 3 section and chain whip on knife arm trapping.

Started too soon playing w/ makeshift meteor hammer(2 lg auto sockets & 20ft rope, more time to dodge but didnt once, forearm lump huge...Garden hose w/ brass spray nozzle not as flexible, darn if it didnt start to work after almost cranking ma head.

One of Master Dongs Bros was knifed in Vietnam, became acupuncturist. sittin alone together at breakfast he ask if I had a question for him (Psychic OMD's). duh Im young w/ an amazing opportunity and I ask...Best Acu point to strike to kill or immed incapacitate...well thats me

He actually didnt even ponder...immediate reply was ARMPIT, blunt strike with a clipboard or book numbs, knuckles, esp Pheonix eye fist or thumb knuckle drops em and may slowly kill if not treated, pencil, pen etc, the Perp is toast.

Armpit has surrounding excess tissue for Chin-Na grasp or tear, pectoral attachment near top of humerus, triceps attachment near lats, Lats are option but youd need pliers.

Anything to give out about Armpit not obvious like vascular, lymph chains, central tendon station and easy dislocation w/ strike from underneath. I've always liked that spot just to see how easy it is to access sparring and grappling.

-Karl. Peace.
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