When I teach self defense, I have people practice with make-shift weapons. Typically, I ask participants to come to class with a bag containing 3-5 household items. They do not know how they will be used. Then, early in the training session, I have them use these items in a solo 1 minute (aerobic) battle while others either do the same in their (safe distance) solo practice circles, or observe and give pointers. It is good to see how nonmartial arts participants "discover" how different weapons can be used and even different parts of the same weapon. For example, some will want to fight with the mop or broom that is in the dojo. This "weapon" has different potential depending on whether you are using the handle or the floor end.

I love kubaton and always carry one. With the hammer fist, it is a point attacker like cranes beak strike. It doesn't twist well or stretch tissue like you can striking/sliding into a point with a fist or palm, but it makes up for it with how hard it is.

The end of the kubaton also can be used in tuite like the punyo/handle end of a jo/bo/escrima. It traps.

What point are you calling Bubbling Well? Do you know the meridian name and number? I keep thinking of a point called bubbling brook that is K1 and you don't mean that one. I am familiar with points on the back from bladder and SI meridians and the upper back from triple warmer and gall bladder meridians. I just checked the name of the shu points and don't see one called "bubbling well".
The older I get, the better I was!