I am pathetic, replying to my own reply and saying 'Hi'

Like memorable things so I moved some of the words around and would like to see if this prompts replies.

FITE...Field Improvised Tools of Expediency...vs.
The Kuobaton as an adjunct to effectively strike the deeper seated PP on the Body and legs.

The Kubaton is great for such a purpose BUT it is limited and yet has such a good history of success that I believe many have forgotten or never were provided with the motivation to explore the more versatile and infinite possibilities of what I just called FITE, if anyone knows of a historical name for what I am about to propose let everyone know...

FITE- "Field Improvised Tools of Expediency....effective improvisation of seeing day to day generally common Objects in the place you are at when you suddenly need a Tool, in this case primarily to strike deeper seated PP and get results.

Example1: when I attended a PP control Tactics Seminar for GPD SWAT back in the early 90's we were taught a "Scapular Slap" and I named the PP struck as "Bubbling Well".
Recently asked a Sheriff form Talahassee and he told me that was no longer taught as it had a low rate of success.

I would guess it would work if struck w/ a kubaton...oops a kubaton in each hand...technique to stun required both sides be struck. Now who carries 2 kubaton, and who always has access to the single one probably attached to their keys?
FITE-most places of work have several "Sharpie" Markers about, either end dreadfully resembles a kubaton, grab two and the scapular slap is now effective as two hammer fists holding a sharpie slam Lt and Rt Bubbling well.
since a fist holding a sharpie will display a kubaton like end extending past thumb and little finger ends this opens up a world of PP attacks.

One more example and ya'll reading come up with some everyday objects to explore their uses, OR this post just flounders proving how lame I am

I'm kinda tired and have to get yelled at by X-Chick so heres a quickie...

a standard Magazine is a great short baton IF rolled properly.....ok, start rolling from the page part 1st so the final object is a tight rolled magazine with its SPINE exposed. The spine is the striking surface so I hope ya trained some edged weapons-smack a knife holding hand and just maybe they'll drop it, follow immed w/ a strike to brachial plexus on either side of neck...you got the idea.

hope anyone who might read this likes it.

-Karl. Peace.
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