Hi, been awhile..I've been busy getting dumped...

Which brought to mind Pressure Point control and if needed termination...

BUT not using your body...seems most people I talk to on the PP subject are focused on superficial points and when I ask "how about the two handed scapular slap?" (gotta hand it to ya Underdog, got the meridian points down) GPD taught a two handed kinda Palm corner 'shocking' slap (in Ba Gua palm strikes may be kind and 'Pushing' or rupture internal organs w/ a 'Shocking' strike)

The place we were hit, so as to learn where to hit, finally gave up its name to me 3-ish years ago or a tad longer ago when at a seminar Master Wei Lun Huang was emphasizing foot placement in relation to a point on the sole of the foot which formed a channel that ran to two points on the back in a cavity above the spine of the scapula

Bubbling Well...NOT the point I initially picked to offer as a good strike spot which allowed the reader to easily visualize the more important concept variation of PP control (which the reader is aware of, but perhaps in a more limited form) which will give easy access to good stunning or temporarily disabling PP not often trained as they lay not surface but mid to deep in body; and, so when struck yields few effective results. There is an existent concept to overcome the PP depth issue, common knowledge. I hope the presented variant is so full of unique and odd possibilities than the more static/limited widely known concept to overcome PP depth that...ooops not tellin yet...first the following and last what I like to call the variant concept, twixt the two ya ought to come up with the idea ...soooo...the original concept to overcome PP depth yielded__or arose from__a singular tool/weapon which yielded high positive response yet without one having trained hard to form a focal striking surface out of ones chosen body part (and causing no end of controversy on this forum as to the Intelligence/necessity or lack thereof in individuals just starting or long term freaks like me for training in something that could easily be injurious if trained improperly).

The original concept probably created the tool, a singular tool which by its existence may lend one to overlook or forget the variant concept.....more later but thats called a two parter...I like to call the variant concept by such a fashion that it is as vague as the PP tools/weapons ya'll come up with....."Improvised, Expedient Field Tools"

next...IEFT and the armpit...give us several...you've guessed already??

-Karl. Peace.
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