Actually I've used all of those in the dojo. I work on the psych units in the hospital and never handle radioactive materials. Giving injections to psych patients can be a challenge.

I went to a 6 hour stick training today with pressure points. I did get to try the face choke to neck choke technique. Works nicely. It doesn't matter that we were using sticks, the principle was the same. Got the face choke on SI 18 and when uke raised the head, getting any choke on the neck was very easy.

It is hard to resist that SI 18 pain with empty hands and an escrima stick is so very much worse. Get it in there and turn the stick to stretch the point.

We used that SI 18 point in class last week too, stretching it in different ways and using it for control on the ground and all kinds of ways. On the ground, an elbow fits perfectly into it. Go down first towards the point from under the eye in order to stretch the area and get the extra cheek flesh out of the way that would otherwise pad the point. Then dig the elbow up towards the eye sinking it deep into the curve in the zygomatic bone. Very painful.

If you are blocking a wide hook on the inside (obviously) if you "cover" with the elbow forward you can spear any point you like on the arm. My favorites are P2, NUE 9 the spindle for the bicep. However, you can also keep going right into L1 or 2 on the chest or the nipple and scewer these on the elbow. I love elbows. They are great weapons.
The older I get, the better I was!