OK Hi,

PP Control Tactics encompassed 6 days in two wks, empty hand and baton (tho strictly speaking now with the Asp, most LEO's I still know use Asp as a means to secure and acquire their primary weapon).

Leaving bruises or lacerations looked down upon.
The nerve plexus behind ear ('Dokko' in japanese I believe) was told to me to be off limits for this PP control/Stun.

First find the safer place-tighten throat/larynx and feel to either side, its soft, if you go towards end of jaw-too far...so striking point under jaw, past chin, before Dokko.

Second what to strike with, Master Dong recommended fist with thumbknuckle strike, GPD taught fist with thumb flat and tip of thumb barely exposed as striking point (if this makes sense good-not a full fist but index bent as if to make a type of 'Phoenix Eye' fist. Tip of thumb is striking point, initial direction is into sublingual area (upwards if they are standing.)

Technique requires not over much force, free hand grabs top of perps head like a basketball and simultaneously jab thumb tip under jaw w/ a bit of force will stun, driven in slowly will not kill (?) but I can attest to the pain inflicted, grind that thumb in up arc and down all the while using other hand to help guide perp to ground.

Was told a harder shocking type of jab would render stun or unconsciousness.

Again a safer jaw PP control/compliance technique, also I learned this 15 yrs ago and do not KNOW THAT GPD or any other LEO's still use this. Safety 1st.

-Karl. Peace.
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