As far as I know, the choke ought to do the job but just because it can, doesn't mean that you will always get it perfectly. Many people work on realeases from it in the hopes that if it is ever applied to them, it will not be applied with full intent to put them out.

Anyway, I was interested in the technique figuring it is good to have a back up. What if I am the one applying the RNC and someone is getting his chin in the elbow crook? Breaking a jaw sounds good!

I brought up the technique today in class with Evan Pantazi. He couldn't figure out what the technique was from my poor description but with the greater detail from the last post description, I think I can work it out with my coach, Cody Robyn. I don't think I want to tap someone out and try it on some one, I think I just want to walk through it without any pressure to see if I can understand it and could do it. You make it sound too dangerous for me to train with any real pressure.

Again, thanks for your contribution. There is so much negativity in this section that it is a treat to read something from someone who actually trains pressure points and has an idea I can learn from.
The older I get, the better I was!