well, this was never intended to submit and it was intended to be finished in 2-3 sec, w/o an alarm being raised.

A particular instructor of mine who shall remain nameless pointed out that guerrilla warfare sometimes found one w/o weapons and tasked at sentry removal, this individual said that since both sides practice rear neck breaks, the counter is often instinctive esp w/ enemy hair shaved and both sweaty, this might be considered a PP destruction w/ concomitant Jaw breakage while backing up, even if it doesnt kill the enemy, little noise, no drag marks for 5 feet or so and as they will at least be in shock, break their neck in cover...now you have weapons and enemy uniform...Thats why all the cautions of doing it slowly...on a lighter side it will teach the student not to put their chin there.
I mention it only as this is the PP forum and I dont know how many people have actually felt the true pain of PP usage, this should emphasize the ease PP can truly be used for ill, OR accidentally cause it. Besides I'm old and may die, some things will go w/ me but this is sub lethal in practice and PAIN is educationial I dont know how many are familiar w/ this mode of PP (Bone being used, their bone), being stunned or ko'ed doesnt quite say PP can be real dangerous like the slow pain this does, not everyone reading the initial and following posts will understand how to. Needless to say SLOW, warn uke to be READY TO TAP.

-karl if this was too much say so.
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