insomnia for 2 days

I was naming the bone not really the part doing the main arterial closing.
Say Rt arm is choking, rt hand on lt biceps near elbow w/ lt hand behind head...Rt arm does all the work, as they just start to find a way out give space in crook of rt elbow, most people tend to tuck chin in this space...thats what you want, dont let em slip out, rt forearm is probably touching their lt Jaw and rt BICEPs is probably on their Rt jaw....DO THIS SLOWLY...if you start w/ standing choke and are walking backwards take them to the ground first, get them in a stable position (gaurd might work), reason I suggest go to ground is that you are Practicing the tech, starting from choke 1st on ground is even better, this allows them less mobility to hurt themselves and allows you time to BRING RT forearm towards rt biceps (Imagine a nutcracker, focus on the two opposite sides of jaw "Trying to meet in center)SLOW SLOW SLOW squeeze, the pain is bad, if the symphysis of the chin cracks it will break and no matterhow fast you let go its too late. Then once you elicit pain and know what to feel , take ukemi so you know why I ask SLOW....This was not designed as a submission but could be one....if it works and you dig it...ask what i was told it was for....real tech is asap you have Jaw, close snap the choking arm shut (MAYBE idea of wrist is brought to shoulder). dont want to walk em back...rt choke, lt palm heel to pelvis unbalances them (they must be unbalanced and choked, they take the bait more out of panic....Please be careful...tell them to tap when its too much, when you get it you wont believe how little it takes when both nerve plexus on either side of jaw are compressed same time...let me know how it works....and how it feels

_karl. better description? dont show many people, once you got it no need practice, its so simple yet so sick.
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