just a odd tidbit. Using the naked choke as bait to eliminate opponent from combat faster than choking him out. Due to adrenaline and nature of SD better here than grappling. Call it the Jawbreaker.

Assume good choke and begin walking backwards to keep opponent off balance. Most MA will be trying to avoid being choked out, most common response (ESP. if you bait them by loosening choking elbow out a little) is to tuck chin or cheek in hollow created.

1.)Allow this then move the rope of your forearm and humerus to clinch jaw, re-tightening gap of bait opening made by elbow.

2.)This could be a submission but its too slow...Quick pressure of forearm and bicep Forcing each end of the mandible inward as tho to have them meet, pressure is applied at hinge of each side of jaw, like cracking a nut.
a.) the left and right mandible fused during growth at the tip of the jaw, this will break...after
b.) the hinge of each mandible is driven in to damage/crush or destroy BOTH nerve plexus behind mandibular ramus (just in front of ear lobe).

Choke to bait, if bait is taken, Jawbreaker using a sharp inward forcing of both mandibular hinges, this also does some bad damage to associated nerve plexus....

*****If to practice, recommend sitting posture, VERY SLOWLY bring arms together so uke has time to tap before damage done

OR should I not have mentioned this and said I saw it on a "Friends" rerun and ignore me? did that make sense? easier to demonstrate than say...did I get too weird??

-Karl. Peace. CRRRAAACK!!!!
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