Hello, very brave of you to post online.

First Clip: Your foot work needs improvement, your off balanced, and feet are everywhere. Don't let your feet touch each other. Find a good comfortable fighting stances and work on it. Bounce around a bit, set up your shots.

Your punches lacked power, you need to work on body mechanics most of your punches were all arm punches, you didn't use your waist . A couple times you pivoted on your feet. So work on body mechanics. Get on the balls of those feet.

Stop chasing the bag, pace yourself, work on footwork and balance to enhance your defense as well as your offense.

Also coming from a Taekwondo background, there are just some kicks that are not meant to be used while moving or attacking. For instance an inside crescent kick or a twist kick. These kicks are best used when in a stationary position. Perhaps a scenario where your being held down or tied up, then kicks like these could come into play.

Second clip: Wow you have some serious leg power guy. It's obvious by the way you had that bag flying and bouncing around like a soccer player that you have powerful kicks.

As far as your kicks, once again I say work on your footwork they will enhance your kicks once hundred fold, allowing you to be more functional with them. Once again when practicing your kicks I say work on the basic mechanics of the kick, the chamber and the execution and the pivoting of the hips.

Because you have so much power in your kicks, I suggest working focus mitts or training against an opponent. Working on your spacial relation like timing and distancing. Work to develop your game. Ofcourse don't forget to incorporate your punches to set up your kicks.

A suggestion. Dan Inosanto, and Paul Vunak use weapons training such as the knife to develop punching attributes. Using the knife to over emphasize body mechanics kind of like telegraphing. Will speed up your development with punches.

Get in a fighting stance. Take a knife in your lead hand. now start swinging in a over hand, hook, or uppercut. Because your using a knife your over emphasizing the motion because if u were to actually stab something you need that extra oomph in technique. Pivoting the feet, twisting the hips, in conjunction with the arms.

But most important is to have fun and keep practicing. Peace.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da