many thanks for the comments guys!

I agree the approach to hitting a bag should be as if you were sparring. Same goes for warmup, strength, and all other forms of exercises, if you train with the pugilist mindset that is
Yes, a focus pad does the same, but a light bag brings the variety of continuity and power variance as the bag swings, or when kicking into the bag as it's coming back from being hit. Affording a hard hit now and then for variety.



I agree with you and understand the light vs. heavy and punch vs. push. The motion of the bag is also important. Swinging the bag from a rafter, standing in the apex of the swing, kicking and punching, not letting the bag come down and swing over the apex. That's always fun. with a light or heavy bag, The heavier the harder to not let it swing past you !


not sure if you guys saw the vids I posted above. I'd love to hear some feedback on my technique.

I know about my front foot 'skipping back' at a predictable time, gotto improve that one

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