After about 3 weeks training they had me and another guy about the same size/age and inexperience go at it. I "beat" him, but he did split my lip (this was in the bare knuckle days) and blood was trickling down my gi.

So I stayed in and they put a brown belt in with me. But he took me too lightly and I knocked him out with a back kick.

So sensei figures I'm due some kind of lesson and matches me up with an even better fighter who's also 6'5". Intuitively I figure being close to him is safer than at a range where he can kick the snot out of me while being out of reach, so I crowd him. Sensei says to my uke "Knock him down - he doesn't respect you". I'm thinking "Are you kidding? This guy scares the %$*& out of me!". But he didn't hurt me...that time.