Hi All

I have been participating in karate for about a year now and I love it. The only real problem I have is with some kicks, I can do round kicks and front kicks ok, but just cant do proper side or back kicks. Also I cant touch my toes, i can get my hands just past my knees then I feel the pain just above the back of my knee or sometimes right at the back of the knee. The stretching in class is rather generic and to be honest some of the stretching requires to be in positions I just cant get into so it really doesnt help. The karate is superb unfortuantly the method of stretching is somewhat outdated. From what I can gather I think I may have extremly tight glutes and hamstrings, i gather this from the fact that when I stand at ease my feet point outwards at about 30 degrees and my knees point slightly in, after getting a checkup at the docs he said there is nothing structuraly wrong just tightness. So I am looking for some help on how to rectify this.