I certainly don't think Haganah is "softer" by any means. The main difference is as far as the empty hand goes, Haganah is more structured and is designed to bring you to a "point of reference" from which you can reach an "objective" such as cripple, terminate or subdue. Where Krav tends to be more of get an attacker into a position where you can just continue to strike until the threat is no longer a threat. Both have advantages. The gun disarms are I think a little better and safer to do in Haganah than KM and the same goes for defending against knife threats. Defense against actual knife attacks are based on generic attacks with both systems, however, I know part of the overall Haganah curriculum involves training in Israeli tactical knife fighting (ITK) I haven't been exposed to that in KM.
Some of my former fellow KM studens felt that Krav was more "free flowing" where haganah being more structured was strange to them, however the problem was, they didn't take at least the FIGHT course long enough in my opinion to be able to say that one was better than the other.