hello and happy sunday. i have 2 questions, and am at my wits' end in finding answers.
1: I recently discovered a somewhat obscure weapon from Nepal called a kora, a short sword with a forward curved blade. I've heard it referred to as a predecessor to the kukhri,but that isn't pertinent to my question. My question is this: how would such a weapon have been used? Not all of the ones I've seen and researched were used for ceremonial purposes;some were very real fighting weapons and look positively nasty for close-in combat.

2: This next question references a movie weapon, the High Elven sword from the Lord of the Rings moviess. Before you all start rolling your eyes, I have a simple question about possible origins/ references in the real world. The closest I can see is the chinese war sword, also called the dadao, but that isn't quite right. Some friends have said that it resembles a modified naginata, but that ain't necessarily right either. Just out of curiosity, would a sword with equal lengths of blade and handle be effective in any real battle situation? I don't see how, but that doesn't mean anything since i haven't had very much practical training. thanks for your time and patience with a newbie . . .

1> no idea, google it some more you may get an answer somewhere. Blade on the inside - maybe as some sort of beheading or hand removal device? web page with Kora on it

2> As I know the armourer who made the original swords for the LOTR would you like me to ask him?

I would think that equal blade and handle would be a strange combination to work with. Our broadswords have hand and half or 2 handed grip, however a long handle might be difficult to control...
web page with High Elven sword pic
Sword maiden