hi, you have piqued my OCD, I ramble but end at some point:)

1.) by 'inward curving blade', and predecessor of the kukris I assume (and will use knife not sword terminology) the spine of the weapon is the outer part of the crescent'ish' and the blade is the inner curvature. Like an enlarged (non folding) hawksbeak. How long is spine and are you considering this as an acquisition?(just curious)
1.a.) I own (and am probably going to sell) a functional historical blade and in researching this ODDBALL large knife (Imagine a 7.5' spine abrubtly terminating to a point with a blade of 8.5' to form a "reverse Tanto" shape) a twist carbon steel "Saex", it is a functional replica of what to some was forged knife length or short sword length and was popular in 8th cent. B.C. Anglo-Saxon culture (as the design was prob stolen from my kickass Viking ancestors of Sweden and Finland {where the origin of 'Surgical Steel' owes some of us debt})....back to point (no pun intended)(really)

*****my former carry knife was a folder w/ the "Talon" or "hawksbeak" shape and it did everything, thus the digression to the Saex which translated (I believe) meant "for every use". A short sword as you describe can jab, hack, cut, fillet, gut a critter, "portion" said critter and even be used as a carving knife and sign of prestige (note-all of the above apply to use for Combat/Survival). All humanoid ancestors of you earth folk had to make something to "Last and Multitask" (old manager in me, sorry) and the older it is the more status to owner as metallurgy still barely is known at present homosapiens level.

2.) Seems answered above. as a former but constantly practicing student of Toyama Ryu Batto-Jitsu I will say That DARN LONG handle will get caught in an obi sleeve if used as a sword....BUT if I were of the mind to carry (and be Conan or King Kull enough to wield) 2 great swords, the extra weight might help balance and so increase speed.

3.) As you seem a more advanced hominid...try this one. Learn metallurgy (which by nature much of which is radioactive {anyone naysay me on this, do not forget I used to inject ANTIMatter into y'all, I knows mama saz radiation can be limited in range....)...Craft a forge folded radioactive (type not mentioned here) blade with a core of not just harder steel but mercury...liquid at room temp soooo...held at Jodan or Chudan mercury by Tsuba, strike and centripetal force magnifies overall cuting speed and strength....aw hell, no one gonna read this anyway. Humans!!!
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