Hey Neko,
Was wondering if you could use the quote function or at least quotation marks when quoting from outside sources as it is difficult decifer what is you and what is referenced. eg. http://hypography.com/forums/philosophy-and-humanities/6125-chi.html . Cheers.

456 - Thanks for pulling the whole debate from the outside source, my interest was not to show the detailes because it would mean nothing to the debater. My intent was to dispute his absolute reply "There are no studies on Chi to prove it exist", there are just as many Scienitific examinaion by accredited PHDs or people of scholarly degrees as not on the topic of Chi/Ki existing.

Barad thinks in absolute terms he owns this material but still can say its nonsense and that this information doesn't exist. He even defines everybodies reality so that its nonsense if it doesn't match his own.
Most people believe slightly different based on their experience. I also dispute his claim that I'm aggressive in these debates I do believe in what I say but don't mind being disagree with. I don't like calling people crazy just because they disagree and have different experience on the topic. But if you can give you can get, such is the way of the MA.

Just as I was trying to say I don't believe in Vodoo/Black magic but I know it exist and is some peoples reality/life. I understand the grey areas in life, it doesn't make them crazy just different views then my own. But maybe someone I'd perfer to give some distance to so far as socail gatherings. That is my option but they can believe what they want. They just can't burrow my comb or brush.

I still hold to the view that Sanchin and Ten Sho unlocks the door to Qi Gong and Chi building for better health and use of short range energy, nothing magical about it.

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