"Some think it is "electrical" energy; others believe its "magnetic" type of energy, while some others think it is heat or other type of energy."

Read my old posts-real energy is identifiable and measurable, not least electricity and magnetic energy. Chi is not.

What Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming does is excellent from a martial perspective. I have had some of his books for decades. However as a practicioner of TCM and chi kung, he starts from the position that chi exists and works backwards. You appear to do the same.

"You only state your simple minded psychotic schizophrenic opinions."

Er, if you say so but both of me disagree with you.

I accept that you are totally sold on chi/ki. However from my perspective you are ignorant and hold views that deserve only ridicule. Your abuse and aggressive language is highly amusing-you are evidently overcome by frustration because I do not buy your fairytale BS. Hey, I think I saw some ki behind you, see if you can catch it in your hand...