456 - "Chi/Ki can be defined in modern or near scientific terms."

Barad - Absolute nonsense-chi has never, ever been demonstrated to exist. You can define it all you like (very loosely in most cases to mean whatever you want) but if you mean to say "controlling your breathing", why not say it, instead of resorting to mythological concepts of TCM?

456 - This is just one of the sceintific examination of Chi. Just as there are theories on Black Holes.

Some think it is "electrical" energy; others believe its "magnetic" type of energy, while some others think it is heat or other type of energy.

But there IS Chi.

I am getting most of my current information from Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. He has some Serious Credentials!
He studied Shaolin White Crane kung-fu, Mastered Tai Chi, and a bunch of other martial arts. He has an M.S. in Physics from the National Taiwan University. He also earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue. And has his own publishing company with Many books to his name.

Plus I'm working with some practical knowledge I have learned from my Kung-Fu training, and the Masters and advanced students around me.

"According to Chinese medical and Chi Kung society, the Original Jieng which you obtained from your parents stays in your Kidneys after your birth. This Original Jieng is the source of your life and growth. This Original Jieng is converted continuously ito Chi which moves down to the Lower Dan Tien, and stays stored there in its residence for future use. The Dan Tien is located on the Conception Vessel -- one of the 8 Chi "reservoirs" in the body which regulate the Chi flow to other channels.
Dan Tien Chi is considered "Water Chi" "
Barad you argue with this Doctor, just an example of the study of Chi. Open your mind come out of the mist of delusional self riighetousness Barad doesn't know what best for everyone, take your medication.

456 - "Burden of proof is not on either party."

Barad wrote - Wrong again-if you assert the existence of something, the burden is clearly on you to back up your assertion. You cannot because it does not exist and is therefore not demonstrable under scientfic conditions. If you make an assertion that appears on the face of it supernatural and unrecognised by the laws of physics, then physics does not have to prove you wrong. Physics never made any claims to the existence or otherwise of ki until TCM practicioners/martial artists suggested it. It is they who should therefore prove it or shut up. Sorry Neko, again you understand nothing much about reason or logic.

456 - I don't have to prove anything to you just as in life each person must take the journey into the realms of Martial art by themself. What you believe and have experience only have merit to you likewise my experience are different. Though we see things differently I will keep doing what I believe and you will keep call things crazy because you are too ignorant or close minded to understand them, keep left hand boxing there is s higher art. If it works for me its proven, thats my reality.

456 - "Reality is based on what one precieve as real."

Barad wrote - This is nonsense, as I have pointed out to you before. See my answer to Ames on the same point. If I erroneously believe that I am a ten foot tall pineapple, it does not make it in any way real. Do you see?

456 - Before the theory of Realitivty they called Albert crazy these were unproven views. Now the Nuclear energy can be harness for the most common of uses. As in the most powerful weapons or simple-ly just for for heating. Reality is based on what we believe, because it becomes whats real to us. Just as arguing with you and you telling me what I need to believe or prove is a like a probably journey to a Black hole, nothing but darkenss no possibilty of anything to exist that you have not read of. I pity your wife or sufficent other you only see what you want, theres a term for that Psychotic schizophrenic, now who sounds crazy.

456 - "we will keep doing what has worked and is best for us."

Barad - Obviously I agree with this-do what you like. But if you happen to hold crazy, supernatural views (like the unproveable existence of ki) then you can expect them to be disbelieved and ridiculed on occasion.

456 - Again you make believe stating something that I have denied over and over Chi theory is not magicail or supernatural it is natural and nature. I feel you are entitled to your b/w reality. As for ridulcue if that was your intention, You only state your simple minded psychotic schizophrenic opinions, several debaters and I keep telling you that you mis-quote them but you continue to state a diminished or loss of contact with reality, or whats being stated. I will just consider the source.

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