"Chi/Ki can be defined in modern or near scienctfic terms."

Absolute nonsense-chi has never, ever been demonstrated to exist. You can define it all you like (very loosely in most cases to mean whatever you want) but if you mean to say "controlling your breathing", why not say it, instead of resorting to mythological concepts of TCM?

"Burden of proof is not on either party."

Wrong again-if you assert the existence of something, the burden is clearly on you to back up your assertion. You cannot because it does not exist and is therefore not demonstrable under scientfic conditions. If you make an assertion that appears on the face of it supernatural and unrecognised by the laws of physics, then physics does not have to prove you wrong. Physics never made any claims to the existence or otherwise of ki until TCM practicioners/martial artists suggested it. It is they who should therefore prove it or shut up. Sorry Neko, again you understand nothing much about reason or logic.

"Reality is based on what one precieve as real."

This is nonsense, as I have pointed out to you before. See my answer to Ames on the same point. If I erroneously believe that I am a ten foot tall pineapple, it does not make it in any way real. Do you see?

"we will keep doing what has worked and is best for us."

Obviously I agree with this-do what you like. But if you happen to hold crazy, supernatural views (like the unproveable existence of ki) then you can expect them to be disbelieved and ridiculed on occasion.