Fine Ames, we agree then. Chi/ki is a fantasy that does not actually exist. If that is your position, then I take it all back and apologise for causing offence.


That's your statement but as the consul has stated Chi/Ki can be defined in modern or near scienctfic terms to the point that it can be quite simple as simple as taking and control your breathing.

I agree closer with the people that understand its purpose and meaning without trying to mysticfy it.

As for trying to make someone belife something they don't want to believe in, I don't think that is the purpose of this discussion it is the airing of views. The Burden of proof is not on either party in the fact that we will keep doing what has worked and is best for us.

One debater brought the effect of needle pericing on a chemicail release then what is the stimuli for Accupressure or massage which if done properly can revjuevnate and stimulate muscle and blood flow to certain parts of the body promoting health.

As Magic existing there are studies in criminalogy of groups that base their existance on Black and White Magic. It is defined in the webster dictionary. It is as real to these believers enough to do some terrible things. Reality is based on what one precieve as real, ask any unsuspected runaway/victim stakes to a table duing one of their sacrifices. In this case what you don't believe in can hurt you.

In the end this might have turned into a Tomatoe or Tomato debate, slice it up and make it work.