Fine Ames, we agree then. Chi/ki is a fantasy that does not actually exist.

Chi is a fantasy for those who think it is a fantasy, something real for those who believe it's real, and a useful metaphor/abstraction for some who wish to make use of Eastern healing practices and certain martial traditions, but maintain some critical objectivity. Here is a nice quote that succintly explains the later view:


"A few Chinese scientists we met maintained that although Qi is merely a metaphor, it is still a useful physiological abstraction (e.g., that the related concepts of Yin and Yang parallel modern scientific notions of endocrinologic and metabolic feedback mechanisms). They see this as a useful way to unite Eastern and Western medicine."

So, like religion, people should choose what works best for them, but hopefully also critically think about what they are being told or reading.

Thanks for the apology.


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"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."