You believe in chi, something that ranks in credibility alongside the tooth fairy. Yet you insist it exists.

No I don't. This is the last time I will say this. SHOW ME ONE INSTANCE WHERE I SAID THIS or stop saying it.


Very woolly thinking based upon your desire for chi to be real and nothing else.

I have no desire for chi to exist. At the moment, all I desire is for your reading comprehension to go up, and you disingeniousness to stop.

Again, please show me ONE INSTANCE where I say chi exists. Good luck, because you won't find it. Instead of debating anything with even one bit of intelligence you have spent your last 5 posts insulting me, putting words in my mouth, and misrepresenting what I have said, for reasons I don't understand. You strawman me by stating that "chi is the most logical reason," when not only have I NOT said that, but have gone to great pains to express my not wanting what I am saying to be construed that way. And all this is a clever way of getting around that fact that you have not one shred of objective information to add to this topic beyond anecdote, and vague references to 'studies' that I'm sure you've never read first hand. So what is interesting to me especially about this is that you accuse me of being superstitious etc. yet it is YOU who has not provided one shred of anything like objective evidence to backup your argument. Meanwhile my point, that I have made time and again is that I prefer to be open minded about the potential for certain Eastern practices to help certain conditions, that is all I have been trying to say.

You have to audacity to say to another poster:


Contrary to your claims, it is not "all about belief", it is about not making supernatural and metaphysical claims that you cannot be back up. And getting offended when someone calls you on it.

Yet you have yet to back up a SINGLE ONE OF YOUR CLAIMS! You vaguely reference there being a perfectly rational explanation for everything, and that science has discovered the answer, yet you are unable to tell me BECAUSE YOU DON'T ACTUALLY know what the answer is! In this way, your abstracted, vague solution of 'endorphins' has been accepted by you without one bit of CRITICAL THINKING and is as shrouded in mystery as someone's calling it 'chi'.

That's it I'm done with stooping now, and done with replying to anymore of your stupid and tired bait.

Thanks for ruining an interesting topic with your irrational close mindedness. Irrational because you seemingly have no ability to actually argue a point with facts, instead you are attempting to defame me personally. As I said before, how very unscientific of a person who asks others to "prove it."


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