In the end, 'chi' is just a term used to explain the why of how this stuff works. Now we are using Western terms to explain it. But either way, was is interesting to me, and actually useful, more than 'debunking' "supersitous beliefs" like some Maoist bully

I disagree with you here. If the treatment is legitamate beyond placebo then it could be a very useful treatment. If we are to utilise it for medical purposes surely we should understand it. If that means pointing out parts (or all) of it is 'bunk' then how can that be a bad thing?
What other thousand year old practice has not been found wanting in some area, or found not to be improved upon. let alone still be useful.


...is that much of these things DO work. Whether it's from the 'placebo' effect, or vague references to endorphins somehow being triggered, or even more vague allusions to it being"psychological", doesn't really change the fact that so much of these practices do work as they were intended: to cure an ailment, be it of the mind, or body.

The fact that they do work also undermines your earlier statement that these people had total ignorance as to physiology or anatomy...they obviously knew something if you yourself have benefited from the use of acupuncture (given to you by a medical doctor).

Disagree again here. Through placebo effect, witch doctors can 'cure' ailments, does not mean that they have an understanding of physiology or anatomy. I am not saying that the chinese did not know anything about anat&phys., but your arguement here is not logical.


Further, you have yet to actually explain how needles stuck into someones body actually triggers the endorphines, and how that creates a healing response. Or are you purposely keeping it 'mysterious.'

You will not accept placebo as an answer.


If I took a random person off the street and sat them in a chair in a University lecture hall where a graduate level seminar in chemistry was occuring, I dare say they would find that fairly 'mysterious'.

But you could explain chemestry with strong evidence to back up each and every claim made.

"I await you scientific explanation as to what exactly occurs when the needles are poked (or not poked) into someones skin( at meridians or not at meridians), and how the endorphins are acted upon by that."
"Its only pain, it wont hurt you"