Sorry but i think you may be missing my point. I accept that some of these practices bring health benefits. Acupuncture certainly can in some cases, hence why in my earlier post I said that I had had it for shoulder pain with some beneficial effect. However studies on pain via acupuncture show that needling releases endorphins, so contrary to your statement it has been scientifically explained and some time ago in fact-I remember discussing just this endorphin release with my late uncle in the 1980s, an anesthesiologist (i.e. Western medical doctor) and acupuncturist, so it is nothing new. In the case of tooth repair, it is more likely hypnosis, where the patient is convinced he will feel no pain if he is needled first. None of this points to Chi or any undetectable energy in any way.

This is why you are getting it wrong:you have a strong belief in chi for superstitious reasons and you look for that to explain apparently amazing phenomena. Logically you need to look at cause and effect, not say chi is undoubtedly the cause because you believe it is or simply by pointing to effects that are explainable scientifically.

You have also widened chi to involve the entire body of alternative medicine. The thread concerns kata as a method of healing, for which there remains not a shred of evidence, any more than there does for chi, only strongly held belief.