"Buddy you are on a open forum if you say something you should have the guts to standby it."

Sorry Neko, you selectively quoted me to misrepresent that I believed in the Greek medical concepts that may have preceded TCM. I stand by what I said that the Greeks themselves believed this (why would I not?) but not how you tried to twist it to support your own view that the Greeks' view was actually correct.

The rest of your post seems to be you letting off steam-have fun with that. Maybe some kata would help you relax? You still buy into an unsubstantiated fantasy about mythical energy that somehow cannot be identified or proven in any way but you still believe in it totally. As you know, I find that totally stupid. Anything you have done or experienced is entirely explainable by physics, however strange or incredible it seems to you.

Since you want to get personal, your own "debating style" seems to rely on angrily rejecting any logical questioning of your perspective and repeating how strongly you believe in fairy tales about Chi/ki, as if getting angry and ever more strident in your beliefs makes them any less stupid or in any way correct. It does not.

Barad Your Exact quote - Sorry but this is HS from beginning to end. You start from the position that chi is real, rather than a historical TCM explanation based on virtually total ignorance about physiology and anatomy, itself probably inherited from the ancient Greeks, who had similar beliefs about the balance of humors regulating health. Chi has been extensively investigated scientifically and found completely unproved, for which read non-existent.

My statement - Barad stated that the anicent Greeks believed in ...

Nowhere is it twisted that you are saying that YOU believe in what I'm saying or what the Greeks thought only that they believed also in a Chi like healing energy. I only brought out the effectiveness of their belief and how it rewrote history. So your dis-belief is not as valid as History is what I meant. Anyone following this thread KNOWs that we disagree on this topic. But as you can tell you seem to battling on both sides but there are just as many peopel that belief are different then yours and mines then they are like you or I. Such is the reality of man as in a color unless you use a adjective as in Absolute Reality its like the color Blue many shades.

I don't like being discredited either I mean to think that I'd need YOU to back up anything that I said. That did rub me the wrong way, I apologoze to all for that lack control.

I wasn't angry nor am I making it personal I just don't like your debate style and closed minded views. But as I constantly stated in this debate you are entitled to them without being called stupid or crazy.

As for you thinking I believe in some magical mystic energy I think this is were the rub starts, in almost all my replies I say its not mystic it is part of the human make up part of how the Universe is formed. I believe it can be measured by bio-chemistry.

One extrem example are the Yoga exponents that can be submerged under water in a clear cubic for 30 minutes ro more. Good swimmers normally can only hold there breath for 4-9 minutes this is an example of MBS control. Nothing magical its just training.

If any bodies twisting what been said its You, I don't believe in magic though I know it exist and I don't beleive its stupid or crazy just because I don't believe in it or want to waste my time understanding. It is real to some people. Just not me.

Bottom line you can't prove that Chi healing doesn't exist over the internet no more then I can prove it does.