"Buddy you are on a open forum if you say something you should have the guts to standby it."

Sorry Neko, you selectively quoted me to misrepresent that I believed in the Greek medical concepts that may have preceded TCM. I stand by what I said that the Greeks themselves believed this (why would I not?) but not how you tried to twist it to support your own view that the Greeks' view was actually correct.

The rest of your post seems to be you letting off steam-have fun with that. Maybe some kata would help you relax? You still buy into an unsubstantiated fantasy about mythical energy that somehow cannot be identified or proven in any way but you still believe in it totally. As you know, I find that totally stupid. Anything you have done or experienced is entirely explainable by physics, however strange or incredible it seems to you.

Since you want to get personal, your own "debating style" seems to rely on angrily rejecting any logical questioning of your perspective and repeating how strongly you believe in fairy tales about Chi/ki, as if getting angry and ever more strident in your beliefs makes them any less stupid or in any way correct. It does not.

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