Barad wrote - Please don't use me to back up your beliefs-I said the Greeks believed this because they apparently did and it was possibly the source of TCM and I made very clear that the ancient Greeks 2.5 thousand years ago were as mistaken as TCM practicioners then and now. Again you confuse reality and belief (they really believed it but it does not make it real!)

456 - I don't need or want YOU for any back up, Who do you think you are? Buddy you are on a open forum if you say something you should have the guts to standby it. Or at least say you don't want me using what you say because you don't like what I stated or who I am. Not that it would change anything this is a open forum and I definitely don't want a connection to you in any way or what you believe. Though you are entitled to what you believe.

Once you write it its yours opinion with no trademarks. I don't care if you take something I post and put it on a billboard I said it and I'll stand by it (if not misquoted). I understand the un written rule, you are not special. You said it SO what?

I didn't confuse anything I added to your supposed idea, that not only did they think it they expressed it by conqureing the world as they knew it with their superior battelfield skills. So facts/belife can be close to reality if you will it or wield it, that portion of the world at that time definetly founded it to be true. Despite what YOU believe.

As for your suggestion of the orgin of all TCMA maybe, maybe not theres no proof just theory. I believe in the limited limb theory which is just as vaild a theory.

Though I respect your opinion I deplore your debate techniques. It doesn't matter there are plenty of other members we can debate with beside each other.

Really I take that last statement back the last part of your ending comment intrigues me, though I may only read your replies and join in if you don't mind. I'm interested in that you can happen upon it but refuse to believe there is a century old study on the topic. But unlike you I won't say don't use my statement because I stand by my words. Is it crazy that massage and the 5 element principles are studied and exploroed? But because they don't fit your reality, you think its CRAZY. You say you been studying for more then 25 years isolated I assume since we both are assuming things. But standby your words, I don't need YOU to back up any thing I believe, you can count on that. I'm MY BACK UP.

In the end you not believing is not going to change what others have experienced. Debate it bc we are on an open forum but it won't change my views.

Prizewriter - I concur good find. Where did some get the idea that Magic was involved????

Creative wrote - For example, might doctors be more inclined to reccommend its use? Would people be less sceptical of it?

456 - There is a crazy theory that Western medicence's Multi Billion dollar industry doesn't want to cure or heal they want to medicate. Kinda Keeps that check rolling in. Note this is not my thoughts it was a Professor that I worked with who wrote software for some of the medical field billing systems. Just a thought Crazy as it may seem to use Barads method cause I don't beleive it, its Crazy, like I know every damn thing. Personally I don't think its that far a stretch.

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