"So part of the reason why we might not know much about this 'stuff' is simply because it does not fit into our current conceptions of physiology/anatomy, and therefore remains difficult to 'prove,' until the conception changes."

I would rather look at physical explanations than believe in "The Force". You have it all the wrong way around-you want to believe in it so it is the only explanation. Are you familiar with Occam's Razor? OR does not lead you to Chi!

"I'd also suggest looking into the current revolution going on in cognitive therapy, in which ancient Buddhist mindfulness practices are being used to treat major psycological issues--then I'd like to hear you say again that these people had "virtually total ignorance about physiology and anatomy"."

This has what to do with Chi? You seem to want to widen Chi to mean whatever practice you feel like. Getting offended on behalf of some monks is just a diversion...